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Anne Perchard hædret ved World Dairy Expo

Anne Perchard Named Recipient of Major World Dairy Expo award

Hjemme ved Anne Perchard se her

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Jersey Canada is filled to the brim and indeed to the point of overflow by some news received in very recent days!
The famed World Dairy Expo, based at Madison, Wisconsin, USA have announced the 2011 recipients of their major recognition awards.
Among those being honoured this year is a woman from Jersey, home of the breed, named Anne Perchard.
Mrs. Perchard is an indisputable icon of the breed on a global basis and has been a successful operator of a large farm in partnership with her family, a leader in the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, a driving force in the rural and overall life of her island home, an accomplished author, highly capable fund-raiser for a host of worthy causes, world traveler and host to hundreds and hundreds at La Ferme on the north-east coast of Jersey!
Jersey Canada joins Anne's multitude of Jersey friends and our sister Jersey associations around the globe in celebrating this historic moment in a storied life and farming career!
Bravo Anne!!
More details to follow!   The Jersey Canada Board unanimously and enthusiastically supported Anne's nomination for this prestigious award!

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