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Foxes cause panic to many families in Langeland Denmark?

By Jeannette Nda Batuo

In a place call Fyn Denmark, at the southern lands of the province many families has experience their worst nightmare, unhappiness and distress this summer 2008. The families raises hens as a hobby and for egg sale. They had a sudden violent attack from foxes in nearby woods, many hens has face dramatic dearth.
At the time of interview Niels was again speechless and in deep shock. The incident occurred in the night of 21th July at the middle of a splendid festival call “Langelange Festival which takes place every year hosting more than 25.000 people from different parts of the world. On this sad day Niels family has decided to go and witness some of the festivals arts shows and displays, little did they know a fox in the woods was waiting for their departure.
“Previously my wife have seen a fox wondering in our gardens, frightened she ran to a neighbor for help but found no one at home” said Niels

“As soon as the car engine sound has disappeared, the fox has created a hole in the hens wire fens and attack the hens; he kills all the hens then began transporting them one by one to an unknown destination”. Niels said

Niels confirm he has taken great measure to make sure the hens were under control and security. He had personally build a fens with wire and inside the hens house he had also place a radio transistor which transmitted 24hrs every day so as to keep away the wild animal from coming near the hens. One may be force to think that these hens were also listening to news and music therefore they had a special treatment from their keeper.


“The hen’s house has been a place for distraction for my family; we enjoy feeding them and counting the eggs and watching them go around the garden during the day”. Niels sadly said.
“We are thinking of having no other domestic animals except for hens,” Niels wife Susan added.
The question is how this family is planning to prevent future invasion from the nearby woods, on this subject Niels quickly replied, “ I am planning to go for a hunting license course, so I can have a shooting license”. We are interested to know what the Langelang council (kommun) and the population has to say about this unusual animal hunting, the  environment  in our next press publications.
We therefore hope that foxes will be next summer victims and not the families, as such these families will regain happiness. But for the main time the scary foxes still remain hidden in the woods and they cause panic for those who have hens as domestic animals in Denmark.
Jeannette Nda Batuo
Langeland   Denmark.

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